Sourcing Service

sourcing Service

China Professional Sourcing Agent Specializes in Guzhen Lighting Market/Mall

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Many buyers need global sourcing ranges of lights from China, due to the wide variety of lighting products, materials, and styles, a large number of different styles are needed to form a complete order, which requires many different suppliers to complete.. How to find and buy lighting products from suppliers with suitable prices, good quality, and high cooperation is crucial.

Whether you are a lighting wholesaler, retailer, or designer, ZUOLA acting as your sourcing partner in China. We can optimizing your supply chains and saving your money.

Our company has a Chinese government registered business license and import and export rights, please don't worry.


Transaction process:



Please provide a detailed description of the target product and product requirements you require, preferably with product images and specifications, as well as other requirements. Then we will start sourcing products for you


2.Quotation & Negotiation

Due to the large number of suppliers, we need to quote competitive and quality assured prices based on your requirements. You can check and let us know your suggestion.Then we can negotiate with suppliers for your target.


After confirming the price and product according to your needs, we can arrange a sample.


4.Order & Production & Inspection

After the order is confirmed, it enters the order preparation and production process. We are responsible for following up on the progress of orders and providing you with feedback from time to time. After the order is completed, a pre shipment inspection will be conducted.


Notify your designated freight forwarder to contact us, and we will confirm the specific shipment details with them.