What is sourcing agency? Important?

sourcing agency procurement refers to a country or region's enterprise or individual entrusting agents or agency companies specialized in international trade to purchase the goods and materials they need on their behalf. The main purpose of sourcing agency procurement is to help customers purchase the necessary products from overseas markets to meet their business needs

1.Sourcing agency procurement usually includes the following main services

Looking for suppliers: Agents investigate and screen suppliers that meet customer needs and requirements. They will consider factors such as price, quality, delivery capacity, reputation, etc. to ensure the selection of the most suitable supplier for customers.

Supply chain management: Agents are responsible for establishing good cooperative relationships with suppliers, ensuring timely delivery, meeting product quality requirements, and coordinating communication and problem-solving with suppliers.

Procurement negotiation: Agents represent customers in price negotiations and contract negotiations with suppliers to obtain the most favorable procurement conditions.

Order follow-up and monitoring: Agents are responsible for tracking the progress of customer orders, ensuring timely delivery and compliance with quality requirements. They will also monitor the reliability of the supply chain and closely monitor any issues that may affect delivery time and product quality.

Quality inspection and reporting: Agents can provide quality inspection services to ensure that purchased goods meet customer requirements and standards. They can conduct on-site inspections, sampling inspections, and quality reports to ensure that the product quality is qualified.

2.The advantages of sourcing agency are as follows

Reduce procurement costs: Agents help customers reduce procurement costs by screening suppliers and negotiating discounted prices.

Save time and resources: Agents are responsible for managing and coordinating the entire procurement process, allowing customers to focus more time and resources on other core business areas.

Access to international market resources: 

Agents usually have rich international sourcing experience and resources, which can provide customers with accurate market information and supplier interactions.

Sourcing agency can provide customers with comprehensive procurement solutions, enabling them to obtain the required goods and materials from overseas markets more conveniently and economically.



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